viernes, 22 de diciembre de 2017

Al-Qaeda en el Magreb Islamico critica la participación francesa en la región africana de Sahel

Una unidad editorial de al-Qaeda en el Magreb Islámico (AQIM) publicó un ensayo criticando las aventuras militares en la región africana de Sahel por parte de Francia y los gobiernos asociados.
Hace un llamamiento a la acción de los grupos jihadistas del Sahel y otros lugares contra los gobiernos desplazados a las deferentes regiones, paises del Magreb y Sahel

Saif al-Islam Kadhafi será candidato a la elección presidencial en Libia

aif al-Islam Kadhafi, hijo del líder libio Muammar el-Kadhafi, derrocado por la OTAN en 2011, será candidato a la elección presidencial que la ONU organiza en Libia para mediados de 2018. La información fue proporcionada al diario Egypt Today por Bassem al-Hashimi al-Soul, el vocero de la familia Kadhafi.
Reclamado actualmente por la Corte Penal Internacional, Saif al-Islam Kadhafi goza de una amnistía a su favor pronunciada por el gobierno libio de Tobruk pero no del gobierno implantado en Libia por la ONU.
La orden de arresto de la Corte Penal Internacional contra Saif al-Islam Kadhafi se basa en simples recortes de la prensa atlantista, que a su vez repetía la propaganda de guerra de la OTAN.
En 2011, el fiscal de la Corte Penal Internacional, Luis Moreno Ocampo, participó activamente en la guerra de la OTAN contra Libia al tratar de hacer creer que Saif al-Islam había sido detenido y que se preparaba su traslado a La Hay. El objetivo de aquella mentira era convencer a la población libia de que ya era inútil toda resistencia a la invasión de la OTAN

domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Press release I.E. Afghanistan "Explosions in Mosques, a Conspiracy of the Enemy"

Explosions in mosques in Kabul and Ghor province on 20th October were gruesome incidents that shocked the entire nation. The Islamic Emirate, as a principle, condemns such incidents in its strongest terms and considers it a planned scheme of the overt and covert enemies who want to flare up sectarian fighting in Afghanistan and distract attention of the people from the occupation.
Similarly, it is a wicked ploy to undermine the ongoing Jihadic resistance. True Mujahideen have nothing to do with it. Those who carried out self-same incidents in hospitals, mosques and demonstrations in the past and still intend to do so are, in fact, being harbored and equipped by official entities as per the very assertions of the high ranking officials of the Kabul Administration.
They consider this tactic an appropriate and effective one and argue that for now, we can stop the advance of the Taliban by fostering these elements and will cope with them later on. But such wicked tactics of the invaders and their stooges have always turned into dilemma for them if we ever go through their past history. In fact they have no face for the people. The invaders and their internal allies do not hesitate to turn away from any kind of abominable acts including the afore-mentioned incidents. They martyr innocent Afghans in their beds during night raids while bombardment and drone attacks have ratcheted up many folds. Not only have they deliberately intensified fighting but lack to realize that armies are not able to block the march of the masses. If it was possible, then the efforts by the invaders in the past one and a half decade would have been enough to achieve their objectives. But on the ground, we see that more than half of the population of Afghanistan is living under the administration of the Islamic Emirate against whom the invaders and the Kabul Administration are currently engaged in fighting.
We want to tell the leaders of the Kabul administration that is it bravery to fight against your own people with the might and weapons of foreigners that you boast of but despite that you are facing a fiasco? Apparently, you are harping on the slogans of peace but practically creating reasons and justifications for fighting. If you really want peace then it is vital to remove those hurdles to begin with which have wiped out security of our country and you know what these hurdles are. But if you still see your survival in the new American strategy and in having their troops stationed in the country and resort to finding pretexts for continuation of the occupation then you are the ones to be held accountable for the fighting and the harmful consequences it would bring about. In that case, you will not escape from the accountability of the people nor of history