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Glory of the East .... The First Being Damascus by Ayman al-Zawahiri

In the name of God the Merciful

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Glory of the East .... The First Being Damascus

The Mujahid Shaykh / Ayman al-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him)

Issued by al-Sahab Media Production

27 Sha'ban 1432 H

28/07/2011 M

(Authorized for those who fight because they do wrong, and God the victory of things)

The name of God, praise God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions and allies.

Muslim brothers everywhere, peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings, and after:

I would like my letter today to our people in Cham Rabat and Jihad, pride, dignity and Arabism, rise up against humiliation Cham, Cham challenging oppression and oppressors, sacrifice and redemption Cham, Cham progress and parents.

I say to them: Peace to you Dear beloved heroes, peace to you, O Mujahideen certifying good and Alnahon evil, peace to you, O oppressed oppressed Wretched Almguetlon, the peace of you, our people and our brothers and our brothers, peace be upon you and you Tlqnon aggressor unjust traitor treacherous lessons in resistance and resistance to injustice and corruption, betrayal and Radwkhh the arrogance world and giving up the Golan Heights, peace be upon you and you like mountains, majestic and its sister firm hurt you Alnekal colors and you are steadfast, the more hit you martyr provide the certificate of hundreds of others, and the more families you prisoner offers to sacrifice hundreds of others, the peace of you, the lions of Islam and Arabism in every inch of Syrian beloved .

Peace of Saba Barada thinner * * * and tear does not Ikvkv O Damascus

Sorry Firefly and rhymes * * * Jalal Alrze describe the beats

Lobby, which by night Rmtk * * * heart surgeries in the depth of

Peace upon you, O heroes, and you Alsnaded you offer an example and you explain to your nation Arab and Islamic lessons in sacrifice, fortitude and fight injustice.

How could you sons of Cham Rabat, jihad and martyrdom, Cham Khalid bin Walid and Abu Ubaida bin surgeon may Allah be pleased with them, and al, Noor Din bin zinc, and Salah al-Din, and Ibn Taymiyya, Izz al-Din al-Qassam, and Marwan Hadid mercy of God.

The six Damascus of Islam * * * Zira and lactating paternity is not hindered

Salah al-Din did not your crown outlines * * * it was not branded Bazin teams

Peace brave brave and free supervision in the shield and the bridge vacancy and Ma'arrat Numan and Banias and Homs, Hama, heroism and martyrdom, the peace you where you are in every inch of the Cham Rabat and Jihad, Taatsdon Besdorkm bare shells of tanks and artillery and helicopters.

At night the shells and Almnaya * * * The sky behind the kidnapping and shocked

If the battered iron red horizon * * * on the flanks and the black horizon

Leslie of the sponsor after they Giedk * * * show his heart and rock groups

If students came to the right * * * says gang went out and made their

Tell him you are the leader, but a gang of criminals, a descendant of traitors and big spoilers and president and partner of America's torturers in the war on Islam in the name of terrorism, and guard the borders of Israel.

Tell him The era of humiliation, and the time for trickery, and ended the rule of thieves.

Tell him I have broken the limitations of fear and cowardice broke prison, but Syria and the Mujahideen are free to decide to live or die as martyrs dear.

Matt Ftitha country to live * * * and still without their people to stay

Stood between the death or the life of the * * * Remtem Naim age Vashqgua

It irrigates and drink Mounaya * * * If the Liberals did not Asagoa and Asagoa

Do not build kingdoms Kaldhaaa * * * does not minimize the rights may not

In the dead of life for generations * * * In the ransom of prisoners and freeing them

And for the freedom of the red door * * * in each hand covered with rings

You are free to the Levant, Mujahideen, I think you do not deceive you machinations of global arrogance and tricks new crusade, America, which collaborated with Syrian President Bashar Assad over his claims today that it stands with you what she saw was feel that the earth quake Gilltkm, after the afflicted in Tunisia and Egypt, the loss of two of the largest Washington is seeking clients today because the living place of lion, which guarded the borders of the Zionist entity sincerely another system and dispel Thortkm your Jihad in America and follows the rule of care for the interests of Israel and give the nation some of the freedoms.

Tell the advocates of benefactors Znnounam West * * * What's in a mirage of eulogist

Ngrenkm promises not abuse * * * kingdoms set foot in the interests of the claim

God, if recession of the mask to Raekm * * * tomb prepared for you and dagger Mabh

Of every vampire hypnotized * * * called Bmenkz nation and the interests of

, Say to America and Obama we are the sons of conquerors and the Mujahideen and the heirs of strain stationed, tell them we are fighting a battle of emancipation and liberation; freedom from tyrants spoilers, and editing of the lands of the Muslims.

Tell them that the Gilltna blessed and our uprising, powerful, God willing, will not calm down even raise the banners of the victorious jihad on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, beloved usurped.

Our brothers and our people in Cham Rabat, Jihad, God knows it not for the war raging that we clash it with contemporary Crusade, and without dams, the border drawn by Sykes and Picot, and sanctified by our rulers; otherwise, I and my brothers today, you and Ostkm uphold you, Bnhorna and pay you, Besdorena, but offers little consolation that in the Sham Islam and martyrdom of the Mujahideen and stationed more than enough Vdzakm is the best reward for Islam and Muslims.

Praise of Majesty built Damascus * Damascus, Al-Middle Ole

And our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah.

And blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and his family and peace, and peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.

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