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The 91st anniversary of the independence of Afghnistan

Wednesday, 18 August 2010 17:35 administrator

With 91st anniversary of the British invasion of Afghanistan approaching, the invading forces' any attempts to stage open and clandestine conspiracy, cause interference, invasion and wage cold war against the Afghan Muslim nation have been doomed to an inevitable failure over the past century in Afghanistan.

The Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, hereby, would like to offer its heart-felt

felicitation to the believing people of Afghanistan and the families of the martyrs and affected Afghans;

above all, the heroic Mujahideen who have been striving hard to drive out the US,UK and their allies from Afghanistan.

This is a not an ordinary day in the world’s history, it is the day when our forefthers showed exemplary heroism to regain this scared land from the claws of the British invaders who had engulfed most of the Indian sub-continent for about two centuries.

In the early nineties, the Britons working out their clandestine strategies and using covert activities and interference, took the advantage of the Afghans’ self-differences and rifts and invaded Afghanistan, but the brave believing Afghan Mujahideen, as usual, not influenced by the military might and advanced warfare of the time, without having any sources or means, under difficult and poor circumstances brought the totalitarian Britons to their knees and expelled the enemy getting the world rid of the Britons’ evils using the power of their faith and their intrinsic bravery and determination.

Indeed, the invasion by the British was not the only thing, Afghanistan has suffered many attacks and invasions prior to the British invasion and afterward, and the Afghan nation has never tolerated the occupation of their country before and will never tolerate it in the future at all.

The experience should teach the world major political players and the invaders that the Afghans’ tested spirit of high morale and determination are recognized facts.

Ironically, some of the deceived countries under US-led invasion have been bent on imposing something on the Afghans that are not only intolerable but can also never be imposed.

In the end, we remind the present aggressors, the US and its allies to follow in the

footsteps of their predecessors (Britons) and withdraw as soon as possible and assure our Muslim nation to be united having fait and trust in Allah, His love, mercy and help are everlasting and the day is not far when the invaders will leave our country and end the war in tears as their forefathers did.

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