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Kavkaz Center correspondents in Kunduz report on situation in Afghan province

KC sources reported some details of the latest developments in Kunduz where 2 Mujahideen attacked a base of Karzai puppets, and NATO tactics which indirectly implies that the United States and NATO made a strategic decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

It is to be recalled that on early Sunday, 19 December, when German prime minister Merkel was secretly visiting a German invaders base in the Afghan province of Kunduz, fierce fightings broke out in the provincial capital.

Despite the fact that only two Fidayeen, as Mujahideen taking part in a Martyr operation (Istishhad) are called in Afghanistan, attacked a so-called army recruitment and training center, "Daftar Djalb av djaz", the battle was so fierce that the NATO was forced to counterattack the positions of the two Mujahideen with assault choppers.

During the first hour of the capture of minions military center, the Fidayeen reported on the phone that 16 puppets had been eliminated in a "cleansing". At the time of the Mujahideen attack, some of them were taking a shower.

The Mujahideen seized an huge arsenal of weapons and took position inside the captured enemy base. Then a fierce battle followed that lasted until late night.

According to our sources, residents of Kunduz openly laughed at the fact that hundreds of Karzai puppets could not cope with only 2 Mujahideen.

The sources reported that one of puppets commanders, who, judging by his behavior was the most courageous among them, publicly boasted that if a whole army was unable to cope with the 2 Mujahideen, he alone "would demonstrate how it's done". But was immediately shot dead by the Mujahideen, right at the entrance to the building where the puppet tried to penetrate.

An engagement of NATO helicopter gunships of NATO, which fired missile at the building, also did not help to break the Mujahideen resistance.

Neither armored vehicles, nor air force, nor crowds of minions and NATO special troops could cope with the 2 Mujahideen who repulsed all attacks.

The situation became threatening. German prime minister Merkel was actually in the battle area, and the NATO and puppet troops could not cope with the 2 Mujahideen.

Finally, the NATO command figured out how to deal with the Mujahideen. They poured the whole territory of the center with gasoline and set it on fire. A huge fire broke out. Shootings from the Mujahideen stopped already at nightfall, after the fire swept the entire territory of the military center, and the Fidayeen became martyrs (Insha'Allah).

NATO and puppets suffered great losses in this battle that they are now trying to hide, while residents of Kunduz have all witnessed with their own eyes.

Earlier, an IEA Voice of Jihad sent the following report from Kunduz:

"Martyrdom seeking Mujahideen armed with Kalashnikovs, hand grenades and explosives vests entered an ANA recruiting center located at 300 meters to the roundabout of Kunduz city center. Firstly an explosive laden motorbike was parked at the center's main gate before being detonated which killed 10 minions who were coming out. After the way was cleared from obstacles, the 2 Mujahideen entered the recruiting center and started their operation. 1 Mujahid was Martyred in the initial phases while the second after 4 hours. To our knowledge 10 ANA terrorists were killed in the blast and more than 19 killed inside the recruiting center. The center was also completely destroyed after catching fire.

The Kunduz operation came at a time when Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor had arrived at Kunduz in un-announced visit give courage to her low morale terrorists. This was one of the most successful operations of Islamic Emirate in the past month. We ask Allah grant these Martyrs the highest ranks in Jannah".

The KC Bureau in Kunduz said that on Monday night, December 20, apparently trying to justify somehow themselves before Merkel, the German occupation command, sent paratroopers to a nearby village of Gurtep few hours after the battle in Kunduz.

The German soldiers captured some houses, forced sleepy peasants out and took position in them. Despite the fact that the "landing operation" was more propaganda than a military attack, the invaders command claimed "killing of 15 Taliban fighters", although they didn't hurt even a single Mujahid.

After the withdrawal from the village, NATO invaders bombed empty buildings where the German soldiers slept at night. "Destruction of militants bases and weapons caches" has been claimed.

Our sources also reported some other feature in the tactics of the US-NATO invaders which are especially noticeable in recent times.

The invaders are actively arming the population. Criminal gangs and groups involved in robbery are preferred. Numerous ethnic and national groups are also created and armed.

Factions, formed on a clan or political basis, are being armed. Ethnic strife is actively stirred up by invaders.

The KC sources explain that the NATO is trying to create a total chaos in the country on the eve of invaders flight from Afghanistan, and to divide the country as far as possible into separate, independent military territories on ethnic, clannish, political or criminal basis.

The NATO is simultaneously waging a massive ideological war. Leaflets on behalf of the Karzai puppet "government", calling Mujahideen for a truce, are dropped from the aircraft.

The sources report that they are read like this - "We are brothers and countrymen. Let us make peace and unite together to oust the invaders from our land ..." and so on, in the same spirit.

NATO-U.S. invaders use every possible tricks to demonstrate at least some success against the Taliban Mujahideen.

"Surrenders" of criminal gangs of thieves and robbers who fled to NATO from the territory controlled by the Taliban are organized for propaganda purposes. Media present them as "repent Taliban fighters who returned to civilian life".

The KC source indicate that the overall situation in Afghanistan is getting worse for US-NATO invaders and puppets almost every day. All attempts by the NATO to organize a major attack and give a decisive battle to Taliban are counted by the Mujahideen tactics who allow the occupation troops to enter a Taliban-controlled territory without direct confrontations, and then force the enemy to flee with multiple attacks.
Simultaneously, invaders bases throughout Afghanistan are besieged. US-NATO troop cannot withhold many months of siege and shelling, and leave the bases. The Taliban Mujahideen are inexorably increasing strength and expanding their territorial control.

As far as large cities are concerned, the Taliban use here the tactics of sabotage attacks and Martyr operations, when groups of 2 to 10 (sometimes more) Mujahideen attack important military, political and administrative targets.

The same tactic is often used in the attacks on NATO bases followed by a larger Taliban operation.

KC with reports from Kavkaz Center Bureau in Kuzduz, Afghanistan


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