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Was there a Martyr bomber at Moscow airport at all?

A Moscow newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP) questioned the claims by the KGB-FSB that the bomb at the Moscow airport was detonated by a "suicide bomber" or a "group of suicide bombers" or "a female suicide bomber plus a male suicide bomber", and writes that most likely, a remote-controlled bomb was used, hidden in an assembly of several trolleys that was left in the hall. The Russian paper says:

"Not by accident, the investigators found no usual explosion crater from the blast, which is an epicenter of the explosion for the experts. There could be no crater at all, according to our source.

- We want to remind you that the explosion at the airport Domodedovo occurred in the arrival hall in the luggage department, a KP source says. - If you pick up your luggage there, you can notice that it not always easy to find a free trolley. People place suitcases onto it, go out, and then load their luggage into a taxi. Going back from a taxi to the airport hall with a trolley, you can take at least five, or even ten kilos TNT in it.

Trolleys in supermarkets are transparent. And at Domodedovo, they are equipped with colorful advertising plates that would distract attention.

There is enough space between the trolleys to hide any bomb and smuggle it into the arrival hall.

The bomb was placed on a platform with wheels that became a source of wires and screws which led to fatal injuries. That is why no crater was left. A suicide bomber is not needed there all there (in this situation, he is not really needed - KC)", writes the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda.

It is to be recalled that KGB officers who claim that there has been a "suicide bomber", lie everywhere and always, and they are taught to lie at the very first lecture at the FSB Academy in Moscow, as the KC reported in Russian some years ago.

In addition, all KGB "witnesses" are officers of the FSB. A whole group of 3 of these thugs posed as "mechanics Ivanovs" in the terrorist attack 4 / 10 was exposed by Polish researchers in the Russian Holocaust of Poles called Katyn 2.

It is to be noted that if to proceed from the fact that there was no "suicide bomber" involved in the bombing at the airport, the future events will unfold according to KGB standard practice. The KGB men will kill a fairly large number of innocent people and then say that they were "organizers of the terrorist act". This has been already confirmed by the Russian dwarf Tsar Medvedev (AKA Mendel) on 25 January, who said:

"There is no need for ceremonies. These terrorists must be eliminated on the spot" (it is very convenient for the Russians. As the KGB says, no man - no questions).

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