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Al- Maqreze Center : A treachery under Rawalpindi sky (the true story of capturing of Abu Musaab Al-Suri)

on the 13th Of Rajab 1432 Ah / 15th of june2011 , a letter received by Almaqreze center, written by the brother Abu Malik Mohammed Shaaban Mohammed Hassanein, who accompanied Sheikh Abu Musaab al-Syrian in the same prison accompanied in Pakistan and told the real story on the capture of Sheikh Abu Musaab al-Syrian ...
And he spoke about the phases of conspiracy which make you feel pain and heartbroken, and the anguish of the betrayal of Islam on the Muslim prisoners within the treacherous American Barbarian Attack on Afghanistan… Despite the grief homelessness and the unknown, fraud and deception ..
And selling the future of young Muslims and their leaders cheaply!
But the hard experience confirms the purity and consistency of nodal faith in those prisoners while they are challenging the treason of Pakistani intelligence who had been breastfed treason, employment and vile and abyss
And this operator with its members still the guarding eye for the evil lurking forces on the Islam and Its People
And we in Almaqreze center publish the letter as it was received:

The letter

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful‏, and Praise and blessings from Allah be upon the Messenger Of Allah
Betrayal under the sky Of Rawalpindi
Written by Abu Malik Al-Falastini Mohamed Shaaban Muhammad Hassanein

I was going to (when i was in prison) to give my writings (which I wrote as difficulties and Articles) I wrote about the arrestment period in Pakistan and Egypt to a journalist or a publisher to publish it in a newspaper or a magazine , if I did that - and then – I would have moved slightly towards freedom
Saddened at the time from the fear of the Government Security who was controlling the journalist who I gave my papers to, and today when am looking to my papers and my writings about the ordeal I find that most of it must reach to people,
Speaking in a more realistic about the plight of the other brothers, as well, writing about the events of the ordeal after the breeze of freedom makes it a passing memory but it is impossible to lose it or diminish its importance or underestimate it
And now, i find out that i can write about these tragedy events to raise and rejoice stems from overcome and victory; The feelings of victorious and his ideas approves its transfer to the people, and they can interact with the idea of victory with passion in order to call for freedom of prisoners and detainees and the call to reject oppression , Humiliation and injustice and reject the plans of tyrants held in the back of masses to the tomb of freedom of people and humiliate the Ummah Champions


The ISI officer asked me in Islamabad, what is the equivalent of one day here?
I answered is the equivalent of one month
He ironically laughed; one day here is a full year, and this is the best ISI Prison
The next day I had been transferred to Rawalpindi ISI prison
Over there; we tried to find out about our enemies, our situation was ready to accept
Bad impressions and the volatile mood inflows on the faces on inhuman Pakistani aliens who are working on destroying us from months ,after they threw us in underground tombs ,built in the dim dark depths of wells
We had the right to wonder, what is the purpose of this cruel treatment we having , after the collapse of all lines of defense in the investigation and the only victory we have achieved is the challenge not to compromise on our creed and not to give-up on our religion , our knowledge about these prison construction was limited, even it was rare , to the prisons is very important
Pakistani detainees brothers told us that it was built in the era of Zia ul-Haq and was just used to arrest of Hindu prisoners, spies!
I don't know!


To search on the sources and purposes of Muslim prisoners' poor treatment in ISI jail Rawalpindi is so clear, is the result of sectarian conflict term degeneration, which reflected on a lot of conflicts between Ismailia sects and duodenal and Kadianes against Ahl Al-Sunnah, these misguided sects have facilitated Americas' adventure in the occupation of Afghanistan and control it, then the Mujahedeen prisoners and Stranger Muslims , were captive in their jail, so quickly they called us the by Term Whhabi ,by a mentality and ideas of toxins broadcast by the British colonialism in the Indian subcontinent,which was invested by the misguided sects after the departure of colonialism in their war against Sunnis in Pakistan


Abu Musaab Al-Syrian

After i was transferred to ISI Rawalpindi they put me in jail like the rest of prisoners,in the cell across me, a Yamani Young man pointed at me and whispered" what is your name?"
I answered Muhammad
Abu Musaab Al-Syrian is asking who is the brothers who came now and what is his story and when was he arrested, how and where?
The information will reach him when we go to Wudu at Fajr Prayer
I could talk to him when I go to Wudu when it's my role for Fajr Prayer and talk to him he was in the cell number 1
Abu Musaab was using the period after Maghreb prayer to say a word, or to talk to us how was he captured and what happened with him, and ask who among the brothers was captured and who still in his bunker , asking too about if any one saw a promising vision ,he was confirming that he fell in a trap of a lot plots hatched led him to this place after spending four month before between the walls of ISI prison In Lahore ,
Probably there are disturbances, the problems didn't finish after we came to Rawalpindi, but we became in the most dangerous betrayed arena, aspects of pre-arenas of Rawalpindi, but the future is not dark and we can uphold the risks and problems with our strong belief, which will show us the worlds again
The Pakistani newspapers announced for 5 million Dollars for who arrest Mustapha Sit Meriem and hand him to USA, And we received it in the detainee in English and Urdu, as Abu Musaab already expected, disturbances started and major dangerous issues !
In Pindi Prison, were some pure youth brothers of Mujahedeen in addition of Abu Musaab Al-Syrian, holders of principles and values, including young man from Chechnya , one from Russia brothers from Pakistan Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Canada , others from Yemen ,Egypt and Syria ,I remember from the brilliant brothers, Abdullah Khadr was famous as Al-Kandy ,The Canadian Abu Abdurrahman , Saifullah Akhtar from Pakistan, a senior in the State OF Taliban , he was close to Mullah Omar, from Egypt Othman Assaidi ,then Mohammed and his brother Khalid Najla Murjan Salim known as The Egyptian Aissa joined us from Peshawar, and Abdurrahman The son OF Sheikh Mohammad El Sharkawy
We spent the Month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr was ended a few days ago and seemed to show us the treacherous waves....but till when?
The incoming news is dominated by deportation to conventration camps in Bagaram or Kandahar and from there to Guantanamo, but, a deal was Held about the five Egyptians and so time seemed changing in prison after being isolated From the present and future, and we were separated from the past, any way we become in Rawalpindi prison , Deprived from activity and freedom, we became slaves driven to sell in declared transactions, as Abu Musaab Al-Syrian for ($ 5 million) and in secret deals like we the 5 Egyptians ,something still inside ourselves ,and it will stay forever , which is the disrespect from the Pakistani Intelligence ,and describing it as inhuman beings, at the same time we were faced with death and ridiculed it, and is emitted deeply inside us an inseparable call for hope, the solution is coming like a new upcoming morning
The philosophy of Abu Musaab Al-Syrian in the closed detention linked to spread hope and what we should do now to strengthen our link to Allah, because it is the strongest power to restore confidence in ourselves that we will have victory
The Ummah's next projects can't be stoppable on tyrants plans, and the occupation Of Afghanistan. the Prophet glad tidings confirms the return of Afghanistan and the start of the holders of the black flags from Khurasan, we will have victory ,we will complete our role together until victory -may Allah release you Abu Musaab -,these impact words, finished all the pain of the prisoners in a moment to look ahead and our duty towards him
Abu Musaab Continue
The myth of Huntington and the clash of civilizations and the sayings about Armageddon and the end of the world,the forces of evil are trying in many times are trying to dip the mankind in violence and deception to try eliminate the failure of Western Civilization to please mankind, to fall in another failure ,while the end of humanity is being planed by such myths and fantasies
Abu Musaab talked about trap plot -during the period following the end f his writing to his invitation of the Islamic World Resistance, he began to arrange to join the march, and after useful serious connections with elements from the Afghan brothers , Arabs, And Pakistanis in the Taliban and Al Qaeda ,he packed his luggage and prepared his family ,he got himself ready to go to the march from Karachi to Baluchistan on their borders of Afghanistan ,no one can see like him the course of the conflict , he preferred to risk his family safety for the believe for supporting the religion and live for the sake of Allah , because there is the Islam calling him to make actions and a adventure
He was so optimistic in a safe squadron will be accompanied by on this trip
-do not sing as much as careful of-
With the arrival of the bus to the station in Quetta, Blochistan, there was an amazing surprising wanted note, the bus stations became a hunting place!
The Passengers disembarked and Abu Musaab Guard went to the bus door to secure the road , there he was shot by a treachery bullet in his chest which threw him in a pool of his blood ,and in a while
His kids and wife were kidnapped and he was token shackled and escorted in a convey of luxury cars to Lahore, after placing a black nebula on his face and his eyes
He stayed four months-as he said-teaching them the legitimate policy and they made him their imam in prayers, and they assured him on his wife and children without telling him where they are or what is about them
San-mar Reward
Convinced by the ISI to travel to Rawalpindi ISI jail so they make procedures to arrange sending him back to Spain , they hugged him as goodbye . two days after he reached Rawalpindi , Pakistani news papers published the award to the one who capture the famous Abu Musaab Al-Syrian, then Abu Musaab understood the game and he declare that there is no longer hidden mystery when these impurities is not any moral or humanitarian considerations
The day of the five Egyptians, each one will be handcuffed on his own with two meters chains, while you are surrounded by an ironic chain around the waist, held from each side by a series of single inhuman Pakistani Aliens, with black bags
On our faces to hide it, but they intentionally to be transparent, so we see the deal behinda transparent curtain
Abu Musaab agreed with one of the guard who belonged to Sunnis that I stand on his cell to tell me goodbye, and indeed, the guard told me so I stopped then the sheikh told me to have patience and seek for reward, and we will meet inevitably, and that the traveler Prayer is Answered so don't forget from your prayers and there was no doubt that the guard will end the talk because of his chiefs shouting at Him Hurry up donkey!
For us Allah sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs


In Pakistani ISI jails -the prisoners brothers had-the will to unite them selves
By push away all the ideologist and personal conflicts between each others, because the conflicts is everyone likes his own opinion and when this problem is done-even if it was temporarily-we could face the tyrants and we reject to obey the evil which make you a kafir by corporate with the ISI
We discovered that ISI looks at the Islamic Movement elements-with all its factions-
That they are idiots and agents you should hire for one objection is protect the National Pakistani Security, according with the requirement of the jurisprudence of the strategic phase of ISI, it is too hard to change their look to the Islamic awakening Youth-from fools and agents-to an objective one
you can honestly say about ISI ,are a range of opportunistic evil fascinated by the theory of immorality in life ,they are characterized by arrogance and vanity in their assessment of others, and they become upset if others value them
(the Pakistani ISI sell their mother for 2 rupee)
Most of ISI officers suffer from mental anxiety and psychological turmoil as they are considered manifestations of quacks and myths quack or what is called
The m e t a physics philosophical beliefs and m e t a physics as well as the preparation of life which led to self-deception in attempting to investigate the phenomena of prisoner's inner life
As a basic to bring the correct information from the opponent
They believe in witches and the preparation of Jin to use him to extract the information from the prisoner, in ridiculous ways to attempt the Muslim prisoner's secret
Or to destroy him totally or in parts using witchcraft and sorcery, and to use some rumors about the prisoner in jail, and accuse him of insanity, and salvation from hi within the program of attrition the prisoners of Muslims In Ismaily Agakanik Kafir State known as Pakistan prison are suffering from
Especially if this prisoners keep an important secret which he can be sold for after he gets transferred to the people who are going to pay for him, as some seniors ISI officers confirmed in Peshawar, to some of Taliban leaders-I was in touch with them before i have been captured- that the reason of American bombed Pakistan with missiles and one of them fell near the Attic Bridge in the end of 2004
Adel the Algerian, the Arabic Prisoner who have been sold to USA after he refused to work as a guide to ISI, he was an encyclopedia of important and detailed in formations, on the dirty role of ISI in the Afghani conflict members of ISI still looking at the Muslim prisoners in ISI prisons in Islamabad and Rawalpindi from above to 5Ramadan 1426
the day that Pakistan was humiliated and was shamed in front of a devastating earthquake ,destroyed most of the inhuman ISI infrastructure and ,destroyed temporarily on their interim on the vanity and their arrogance
The responsible of ISI jail went personally to ask the prisoners kindly on his condition and calmed him
Then he gave biscuits to all the prisoners and asked them to stop praying on Pakistan when they pray and before Fajr ,and he swear by Allah that he won't deliver any Muslim prisoner to his enemies -Islam Zindabad-and we will let you go all free and indeed they stop selling prisoners till the end of the Eid Al-Fitr first week, then they continued it !
Here I record a testimony Of Allah, the day that stood some Prisoner Muslim-in Islamabad ISI prison in front of it guard-before Al-Fajr Adhan and, Asked Allah for victory and revenge and to destroy Pakistan south, north, west and east
There was an hour or less from their pray and the Answer from Allah but it was the prayer of righteous and good wronged men accepted by Allah-Fear the pray of the prayer of the oppressed, there is no veil between it and Allah
the next day we had the newspapers about the horrible earthquake ,and there was a lot of homeless people by this event and desperate mass, where you can see on their face the look of pain and fear from the unknown, while they are looking at the ruins of houses and the factories in addition of the enormous extreme poverty and between the victims recorded by the comment of photographer or editor pen on the bottom of each Image or in the Frame around the photos of women and girls displaced and with them their children and they walking in the streets and asking men for a s h e l ter because they need food and clothes and every necessary things that the humans needs
These Facts didn't affect on ISI Aliens or their attention of the devastating earthquake, which shows that they are arrogant may they repent to Allah, while these prisoners considered it as an answer for their prayers and a victory from Allah,to comeback this evil arrogant persons to state that they asked The Sunnis Scholars in Islamabad about the cause of this earthquake on Pakistan and they answered them that these earthquakes in Ramadan are signs of Judgment day approaching, and marks the approach of the Mahdi ,a descendant of Hasan Bin 'Ali, may Allah be pleased on them
The Tyrants tyranny grows more and more as there was nothing happened deserve to repent to Allah and that destroying earthquake, was just a wounded dignity on Pakistan and destroy it, and made the people homeless and an information About the Mahdi Approaching!
They contributed to make millions of Afghans on 3 decades, and thousands of Muslims prisoners was homeless and killed hundreds of Mujaheddin and strangers for money and National Economy
It was a penalty from the gender of work, that Allah destroyed their economy in 3 minutes with one earthquake , made them homeless ,made Pakistan unsafe country because of earthquakes, natural disasters and civil war, a country on the verge of disappearing from the world map Very soon
Allah said (And (all) those townships! We destroyed them when they did wrong, and we appointed a fixed time for their destruction. (59((


When we think about telling the story of distress incidents we see the wisdom of the Sunnah of tribulations and trials which consist on being tested on your religion ,who is pleased, Allah will be c o n t e n t on him and who was dis c o n t e n t , Allah will Indigent him from here the meaning of calamity on Muslims clarify itself, its importance, and its consequences in this life and the hereafter
(And we caused the folk who were despised to inherit the eastern parts of the land and the western parts thereof which we had blessed.And the fair word of thy Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel because of their endurance; and we annihilated (all) that Pharaoh and his folk had done and that they had contrived. (137))
The distress Accidents that we've lived for six lean years made me spread them in a modest part Entitled as (a real Des c r i p tion of Egypt's from the facts of Prison-and diaries)
i tried to show in it to Muslims the hardships and personal nature of the Muslim Prisoners
In the enemy jails, and to convey to them how to recognize the simple truth about the idol ,its aims ,and it purposes of capturing us and torturing us then selling us in deals to abandon us behind the iron bars to be deposed physically and socially with passage of time ,with no one's attention on their crimes, they agreed on it with the leadership of Satan in the conferences held in the conference rooms in Washington, Islamabad , Tunisia ,Cairo , Sharam El-Sheikh, Damascus, Tela viv,and the Quran mention the essence of this Tyrant policy and their goals
Allah Almighty said They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose neither friend nor helper from among them, (89))

The End of the letter
Almaqreze center
13th of Rajab 1432
15th of June 2011


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