viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Of Attack on Americans in Panjsher

Below is an unedited statement from the Afghanistan Taliban. Posting of this material it is shared for information only.

Thursday, 14 July 2011 03:53

Generally speaking, the Mujahideen have been swooping down on the Americans and the anti-Afghan Alliance in every part of the country. They target their troops, military hardware and installations unabatedly and rip apart their sophisticated military convoys as a result of IEDs. Their foot patrol are under constant attacks and ambushes. Even their military barracks and bases receive their portion of missiles salvoes.

Notwithstanding that, if they happen to become target of martyrdom-seeking heroes, then their wailing and crying see no bounds, reaching right to the White House. However, the enemy is now grappling with another frisson of threat and fear: cooperation with the Muahideen is on the increase among the ranks and files of the forces of the Kabul Puppet Regime. Successful and fatal attacks against the foreign invaders have been carried out. The recent incident in Panjsher on July 9 could be quoted as an example when a military officer of the Kabul Administration killed or wounded four American soldiers.

You can see the wonders of the power of the Almighty Allah that today, several Americans lose their lives in Panjsher, still more at the hand of a military officer of the Surrogate Administration , the same place that ten years ago, the anti-jihad and anti-people traitor Alliance( the Northern Alliance) agreed to occupation of Afghanistan. Ironically, they allowed American special forces, who were donned in the uniform of the members of the Northern Alliance to step on the sacred soil of Afghanistan as a sign of the beginning of the invasion.

The Americans considered Panjsher their safe haven which they had conquered with the power of the greenback. They thought it would never turn out to become a place of danger (for them). But today we are witness to this hard fact that the same safe haven and outpost does raise its voice of rebellion and opposition to the Americans and in its midst, nourishes heroes who turn against the Americans to make short work of them.

We are of the opinion that the recent incident in the chest of Panjsher carried out by a Muslim officer is certainly a part of the holy war, a great victory, a decisive and shocking strike against the Americans invaders. We pay our tribute to the martyred officer and would like to give a message to the invading American troops that now no place of Afghanistan remains safe for you. Every part of it is your graveyard. The Afghans are one in their voice that either the American colonialism choose to exit and escape or await moments of a historic defeat which expectedly are not far away

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