sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011

AntiSec hackers leak private documents of U.S. military contractor

Hackers associated with the movement known as AntiSec published private emails and documents belonging to the executive of Vanguard Defense Industries online Thursday night.

The company sells the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle "ShadowHawk" to the military, law enforcement and private companies.

The AntiSec hackers claim the 1 gigabyte of leaked documents belonging to Senior Vice President Richard T. Garcia contain internal meeting notes, contracts, schematics, non-disclosure agreements, employees personal information, and counter-terrorism documents.

Garcia previously worked as Assistant Director to the Los Angeles FBI office and the Global Security Manager for Shell Oil Corporation.

"We are doing this not only to cause embarrassment and disruption to Vanguard Defense Industries, but to send a strong message to the hacker community," they said in a statement accompanying the files. "White hat sellouts, law enforcement collaborators, and military contractors beware: we're coming for your mail spools, bash history files, and confidential documents."

The hackers exploited a security vulnerability in an expired WordPress plugin to gain access to the company's internal files, according to The Tech Herald.

The AntiSec movement was inspired by LulzSec, a group of rogue hackers who went on a well-publicized hacking rampage earlier this year against international businesses and government agencies.

"It is our true belief that this movement has the capability to change the world," AntiSec said in a previous statement. "And should that fail, we will at least rock the world."


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