sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Zabihullah Mujahid "38 US-NATO invaders killed as Mujahideen shoot down enemy helicopter"

Saturday, 06 August 2011 10:21 Zabihullah Mujahid

WARDAG, Aug. 06 – New reports from Wardag province indicate that a heavy clash unfolded last night at about 11:00 pm local time in Syedabad district of the province between Mujahideen and the invaders resulting from the enemy’s raid on the civilians which was faced with sterner resistances by Mujahideen who fought back the enemy and shot one of

the invaders’ helicopters with rockets during the fighting.

Mujahideen officials said the enemy helicopter fell down Syedabad district killing 38 enemy troops including 31 US-NATO invading troops and 7 of their puppets.

The reports add the dead and wounded were evacuated by 8 ambulance helicopters, while 8 Mujahideen became martyred in the enemy airstrikes during the fighting.

The wreckage of the struck helicopter is said to still exist in the area the debris of which is lying scattered at the scene.

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