jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Statement of Islamic Emirate’s spokesman regarding the killing of Rabbani

On later Tuesday (Sep. 20), the head of the so called ‘Higher Peace Council’ of the Kabul administration, Burhanuddin Rabbani was killed in Kabul city’s Wazir Akbar Khan area. Since we have not yet completed our investigation into the matter therefore our stance is that of not elaborating on the issue any further. And all those claims in which we have been sited by news agencies as a source, are baseless and we want to reiterate once again that we presently cannot comment on the incident any further. Our request from Reuters news agency regarding the false comments made on our behalf about Rabbani’s killing is that it should by investigated and an explanation should be forwarded to us and such baseless claims should be prevented from being published in the future. It should also be reminded that the mentioned news agency has previously published false reports on behalf of Islamic Emirate on many occasions which has ultimately forced us to expose their false reports to the world.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate Zabihullah Mujahid


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