lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Mar15/2010- Mujahideen kill several German soldiers in Kunduz battle

Mujahideen kill several German soldiers in Kunduz battle, destroy three German armored tanks

KUNDUZ, Mar. 15 - Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, in an encounter with the German troops on Monday, Mar. 15, 2010, destroyed three of the German armored tanks, leaving some German soldiers dead in the province's Char Darah district.
According to the report from the area, the face-to-face fighting backed up by the air strikes unfolded in Toti Mazaar area of this district after the Mujahideen waylaid the German troops patrolling the area, in which the enemy was made to retreat after taking loss of life and injures, and leaving a sizable amount of ammo and arms behind for Mujahideen.

Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid

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