jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

Mujahideen missiles hit presidential palace in Kabul city

Zabihullah Mujahid
KABUL, Aug. 17 – A new report from Kabul city states Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the presidential palace in the heart of Kabul city, the capital of the country last night.

The missiles stuck near president office and a place where two of the US army barracks and the French embassy are located while the Italian embassy and the office of the commander of ISAF are situated on the north.

Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have attacked the presidential palace, the most heavily-secured and guarded place across the country two times this year.

NOTE: This material is from web pages and forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban, Taliban spokespersons . Posting of this material it is shared for information only

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