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Interview with a participant of attack on enemy center and fuel depot near Kandahar airfield

Thursday, 18 August 2011 06:29 Imran Khalil

On Monday night (15/08/2011), 5 martyrdom seeking Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out a successful operation on a joint enemy military center and fuel depot run by a company named Supreme Group. The attack lasted for about two and a half hours in which more than 30 enemy troops were killed and wounded whereas 3 Mujahideen were also martyred while 2 others managed to come back out alive.

For more detailed information regarding that operation, we interviewed a participant of the attack (Respected brother Farooq), a transcript of which is being published for our readers and is as follows:

Al Emara: Before everything else, can you introduce yourself?

__My name is Farooq, one of those mujahedeen, whom the previous night attacked the military base of foreign and internal forces near the Kandahar Air base. Because of security reasons, this much introduction should be enough.

Al Emara: How many of you were involved in this operation, How did this attack begin and how did it go. Could you please give me some information about it?

__In this successful operation there were five of us mujahedeen involved, armed with heavy and light weapons. We were given a plan by our Jihadi superior to attack the base of interior & foreign forces and the reservoir where the fuel tankers are stationed (it’s also known as fuel depot) near Kandahar air base. We passed all obstacles on our way into the base and attacked the stationed troops inside. We had three vehicles, two were packed with explosives and the third one was for our use.

As per plan one of our martyrdom seekers Mujahid blew his van type vehicle at the first check point outside the base, which eliminated all the security guards at the spot. At that point we were waiting on the road, after a little wait we quickly entered the base with our weapons. After this the second martyrdom seeker Mujahid approached his vehicle to the checkpoint of foreign forces and detonated his vehicle. This caused fear and panic amongst the enemies who started running here and there. We three Mujahedeen started shooting at them which resulted in a large number of enemy forces being killed and wounded.

Al Emara: Can you tell me if you yourself entered the place where foreign forces were stationed, after being engaged in a fire fight were you shooting at unidentified places or you were seeing and targeting foreign forces?

__Yes, I myself entered the place where foreign forces were stationed and I saw them with my own eyes. I could hear them scream as I was targeting them. My other Mujahid friends were equipped with Rocket Launchers and they were targeting the three watchtowers inside the base.

Al Emara: What sorts of weapons were you equipped with and how long did the confrontation last?

__I had a Kalashnikov with large amount of ammunition and hand grenades. One Mujahid friend had both, a Kalashnikov and Rocket Launcher. And the other just had the Rocket Launcher. When we started the attack it was around 7:30, the operation would have lasted until 10 o’clock. When I myself left the scene it was just under 11.

Al Emara: The media took their information about the operation from the enemy and mentioned the number of casualties of only 12 interior and foreign forces, which includes only 3 foreign troops killed. As an eye witness what do say about the number of casualties?

__The enemy always tries to hide its casualties. When the first martyrdom operation took place on interior troops, that attack only killed and wounded around 12 troops including Commander Bacha Baba. When we entered inside the base I saw with my own eyes around 11 troops get shot and were lying on the floor and I could hear them scream. I can’t tell you the exact number because I didn’t count them, those who were shot in the Rocket attacks were far and I couldn’t see them. I can surely tell you the casualties were even higher than this because it was a surprise attack and most of the enemy troops were inside the base and weren’t carrying their weapons. They were scared and running around in panic while we were targeting them.

Al Emara: How did you manage to get out alive from the battle?

__With the help of Allah our plan was more successful than we anticipated. Out of five of us Mujahids there were two Martyrdom seekers. One was shot during the gun fight and embraced martyrdom and two manage to escape alive. When we came out, me and my other friend were separated. When I was running out of ammunition and was left with only a hand full so I stopped the fight and looked around and couldn’t see anyone. The enemies were shooting but couldn’t shoot the target so I turned around and left. I had a Kalashnikov and a magazine full of bullets. I thought if anyone confronts me this should do the job if not I should leave the base, after that I went to a side and saw a wall. I climbed to the other side of the wall and started walking by the side of the wall until I reached some shops by the road. Then I started walking towards my destination. I have to mention it was only and only with the help of Allah that we were successful and made it out alive.

NOTE: This material is from web pages and forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban, Taliban spokespersons . Posting of this material it is shared for information only

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