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Remarks of Islamic Emirate regarding the ostentatious and inconclusive Chicago conference

Tuesday, 01 Rajab 1433Tuesday, 22 May 2012 11:11

For a whole two months, the American military and civilian officials, western and its surrogate media and other American influenced so called ‘Experts’ strongly advertised the Chicago conference; optimism was shown; it was considered a last chance; was called the largest summit; was touted as the key to tough questions and on which the hopes of a lot of people were riding _ came to an end yesterday.

Several allies of America and their stooges had hoped that large sums of financial assistance to the Kabul administration would be announced in the conference and trumpets would be sounded that America has won and everything is orderly but fortunately nothing like that transpired. Conversely, disappointment was echoed in all statements and in the end remarks mixed with repeated words which have been exhausted and listening of which was pointless, for instance; America and its allies will pull out all its combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, residual force for training would remain !!? Everything else is progressing along fine and some other empty, inconclusive, deceptive and far from reality claims.

That it was pronounced again at the end of the summit that most of the occupying forces will leave Afghanistan but some would remain as trainers and advisors to prolong the occupation, this is neither the solution for solving the problem nor is it an acceptable option to the Muslim Afghan nation. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the representative of its people, would like to state that the fundamental solution is that all the invading troops withdraw as quickly as possible. Leave the Afghans to their own decisions.

Another thing worth lamenting is that the constant ongoing death of innocent civilians in Afghanistan caused by the American night raids was never even mentioned in the summit. The internal issues of Afghanistan such as the rampant corruption, state terrorism, insecurity and the plight of people due to increasing poverty were also not addressed.

We believe that vain ostentatious conferences, preoccupying media outlets and telling short lived lies to their own nation and the people of the world has lost all credibility and cannot alter the ground realities in any possible way. The fact remains that here lies an independent nation and an independent people. Subjugating this nation is an elusive dream which have never been realized throughout history. So if America and its allies still want to keep deceiving and temporarily distracting the people from the fundamental problem then they must realize that the people have now become familiar with their wavering policies, they are not going to play along and neither has the world agreed upon eternally giving precedence to America. It would be beneficial if time is not wasted here, nations are left to their won decisions, dreams of invasions and occupations are disregarded and the people of the world especially the Muslim nations and their sanctities are treated with respect. Such actions have the potential of solving the core fundamental problems. Erase brutality and depravation and turn towards international peace. If on the contrary you insist on war, hypocrisy, fraud and deceiving members then without a doubt, problems shall multiply and nations are prepared to defend their religion, country, life, wealth, sanctities and honor and resort to all viable options on the table to attain their goals.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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