viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

Última hora Siria: Vídeo de los "rebeldes" de Al-Qaeda en Siria financiados por EEUU y Europa asesinando a civiles

id="player" name="player" financia con 400.000 euros a LOS MISMO ISLAMISTAS DEL 11-M
Gran Bretaña y Francia les entregan las armas para que puedan asesinar a todo aquel que no sea islámista takfir. EEUU envía cientos de millones de dolares en armas y misiles tierra aire a éstos "rebeldes" para que puedan atentan contra aviones civiles. Los estados terroristas de Qatar, Arabia Saudita y Libia son los que mas dinero y mujahidinees ponen. 

Emiratos Arabes Unidos utilizan "un avión del amor" con destino a Libano para introducir jihadistas y aparatos de comunicación por satelite.


Video shows another insurgent execution in Syria

Recently-released video footage has shown insurgent execution of another captured Syrian, raising further concern about insurgent brutality in the violence-stricken Arab state.

The shocking footage shows a captured Syrian man pleading for his life as insurgent gunfire is heard blasting for some seconds. The man then falls on the ground before an insurgent shoots another bullet at him.

This is not the first time evidence points to the armed insurgents fighting Damascus’ committing crimes against humanity.
In recent weeks, many videos have emerged of insurgents killing unarmed Syrians.
Despite widespread international condemnation, the so-called Free Syrian Army continues to kill captives and kidnap civilians.

Last week, a video showed Syrian insurgents beating around 10 government soldiers before forcing them to lie on the ground and executing them with automatic rifles near the town of Saraqeb in northwestern Syria.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of Army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the insurgents are foreign nationals.