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Ha llegado la nueva generación de Al-Qaeda

Los foros han publicado información de observadores occidentales, periodistas, etc. sobre la nueva generación de jihadistas.

La nueva generación de Al-Qaeda no tiene nada que ver con la primitiva. Esta nueva generación es diferente de la anterior, cuenta con muchos más miembros y con un nivel cultural superior que les permite contar con armas mucho más sofisticadas capaz de usarlas en el mundo islámico y en occidente.
El escrito publicado son las conclusiones de una reunion celebrada el 27 de enero en El Cairo por el ‘The International Center for Future and Strategic Studies’ (ICFS), bajo el título de "La evolución de Al-Qaeda".

Este es el documento:

The New Al-Qaeda Has Now Arrived
Rabi' al-awwal 16, 1431 A.H, Tuesday March 02, 2010

The new generation of Al-Qaeda has arrived, and they far more outstanding, compared to Osama and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Observers of the Islamic movements warned about the expansion of Al-Qaeda which already has links with Jihad groups in Yemen, Somalia and other African countries.

This new generation Al-Qaeda, which has links with the Jihad groups in Yemen, and the regional tribes, continues to strengthen their movement's bases in the midst of the weakening of the Yemeni government led by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

This new generation is different from the previous generation, and it is also different from the previous organizational groups. This new generation is made up of educated people and they are capable of using very advanced and modern equipments especially in the field of communication and weaponry. They have also founded new weapons which are far more superior, an observer said.

This new generation of Al-Qaeda is the new generation of Mujahideen, who would replace Osama and Ayman al-Zawahiri, and they would possess far more excellent capabilities compared to the older generations, especially in the field of weaponry.

They got their educations from the developed countries and are using very advanced communication technology in their movements. This has become a concern for the West, particularly in encountering a new tendency, not only in the Islamic world but also the West. Of course, this is due to no other than the West’s particular bad view on Islam and the Islamic ummah, and their continuing occupations and invasions of the Muslim lands.

It was only recently that a conference organized by ‘The International Center for Future and Strategic Studies’ (ICFS), was held, i.e. on 27th January 2010, in Cairo, using the theme, "The Evolution of Al-Qaeda". This new generation of Al-Qaeda is viewed to become a regional security threat as a result of confrontations with the governments and the camps that serve as the foreign (Western) tools, which today continue to invade and seize the Islamic lands. The conference was attended by various politicians, security bodies and observers of the Islamic Movements, who came from various countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Palestine and other Arab countries.

Makram Mohammed Ahmed, a writer and chief of the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists, who was the main speaker, warned about the risks posed by local organizations which have connections with Al-Qaeda, which according to him could have influence on the political life of Egypt after their failure in America. Akram gave the rise of Al-Qaeda in Yemen as an example, after their failure in Iraq, they moved to Yemen. They are able to develop their strength quickly, especially with the presence of the multitudes of militant groups which could become the potential new generation of Al-Qaeda. Today, there exists what is called Al-Qaeda in the ‘Arab Peninsula’, under the leadership of Abu Bashir al-Wahayshi, who came from Yemen.

The chief of the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists is confident that Al-Qaeda is now developing its bases in Yemen, and it has become a factor in the new threats for the region. The rise of Al-Qaeda, along with the Salafi Jihadi groups and the al-Shabab Movement in Somalia, will make them a great power in the future. This will certainly become a threat to the allies of the West (America). This is what really worries some observers and the presidents and kings, who are no longer trusted by their citizens as they are too close to the West, which have already committed countless slaughtering and destruction of the Islamic ummah, like what is happening in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia

According to Prof. Fuad Salabi, from the University of Yemen, and Abdul Rahim, who head the research body, the Arab Center for Reseach and Studies, asserted, “The phenomenon of the new generation of Al-Qaeda and their orientation, is something new and with their educational background, as well as their capabilities in developing organizations, communications and new weapons which are advanced, they are a new breed of Al-Qaeda,” Rahim said.

Al-Qaeda and the Jihadi Salafi groups, are a new kind of Islamic Movement, which carry out resistance against the Western form of invasions and secularism (materialism), which now is threatening the Muslims.

Submitted by a Mujahid

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