martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Declaración del Emirato Islámico de Afganistán en relación con las últimas declaraciones de David Petraeus

La publicación de éste texto completo del comunicado emitido por Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, portavoz del Emirato Islámico de Afganistán, es con el único fin de mejorar la información y nada más.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010 16:57 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi

The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan David Patraeus, in an interview with BBC radio said that the momentum of the Taliban has been reversed in the south of the country and capital Kabul and that if his strategy were be implemented more forcefully, they would see a much bigger chance of success in Afghanistan.

We believe due to pressure from Washington, the heavy workload that he inherited from previous generals and his strategy’s complete failure have forced him to turn to the media to try and portray his defeat into a success story.

It is absolutely baffling to believe that a general could ridicule the intellect of the masses by making such preposterous claims about his forces complete and utter failure to reverse the Mujahideen’s gains in Kabul and especially in the south of the country.

But in reality if we look at Afghanistan’s security situation, Mujahideen operations have intensified more than ever especially in the provinces surrounding Kabul. A day doesn’t pass by but that the invaders and their stooges face immense losses in Logar, Kapisa, Maidan Wardag and Laghman. Examples of these successful operations are the capture of American soldiers in Logar, the NATO operation that went terribly wrong in Laghman, the scorched NATO logistical vehicles lying on side of the roads in Maidan Wardag and the humiliating defeat of French invaders in Kapisa which even the biased western media had to acknowledge.

As for the southern provinces especially Kandahar and Helmand, Mujahideen operations have not only increased but they are at the brink of taking over the provinces as a whole. Patraeus’s strategy has failed miserably there, like in Kandahar, their planned operation was halted to a stop by constant attacks of Mujahideen, who not only control the surrounding districts but now are on the verge of taking over the city center.

Helmand is another great example of the defeat of the enemy. An example of this is the Marjah operation, in which thousands of ISAF and Afghan soldiers took part and they made sound like a third world war had started but are now ashamed to even mention the name of Marjah due to their disgraceful defeat at the hands of Mujahideen.

It is incredible how Patraeus could claim such a sizeable victory at a stage where his soldiers in Sangin cannot abandon their bases by road out of fear and are forced to leave by helicopters at night.

We say to David Patraeus, if you really want to full fill your duties to the American people, you should start by withdrawing you soldiers and stop sacrificing your sons and daughters for a war which is unwinnable. We once again say that Afghanistan is the land of Afghans which has been usurped and its brave Mujahid people will carry on their Jihad against you so long as you are here and with the help of Allah the final victory will be ours.

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi

Spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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