lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

America changes war tactics against Islam

On the photo: Afghan children in the province of Sangin killed by Americans as a result of a "peace-keeping surgical strike"

America announced a change in tactics in its global comprehensive war against Islam. Instead of large-scale invasions, occupations, massive air bombings and other gifts of Democracy, so-called "surgical strikes on terrorist groups" are now planned, reports the Russian service of the state dept. propaganda radio corp. RFE/RL.

Terrorist Obama's advisor on so-called "counter-terrorism", Brennan, said the main focus would be directed on "anti-terrorism" efforts inside the country. According to the Obama's servant, the new strategy draws officially a line under the term "global war on terror" (in western propaganda, according to George Orwell, war means peace, hate means love and war on Islam means war on terror - KC).

- "We do not fight terrorism (Islam is meant - KC) with on an all-embracing global level, but only in specific parts of the world - Yemen, Afghanistan and Somalia - Obama's servant Brennan said suggesting major difficulties with the American economy. - Similarly, the goal of our targeted killings will be organizations that threaten us directly, such as al-Qaeda", threatened the terrorist.

The American propaganda radio presented also an opinion of a Democratic political female columnist Miller in connection with a change in American tactics which stays in contrast with the newspeak of the servant Brennan and reports openly about that the American war is just a war against Islam:

- "The new doctrine is notable not only by changing the main direction of the fight against terrorism from the external to internal level, but is also interesting by the fact that the administration, though only narrowly, but nevertheless, began to use the term "war" with regard to the jihadists (we suppose that earlier they used a favorite Democratic word "conflict - KC).

First - in theory and not in practice - the opposition to Islamists (it means Muslims in newspeak - KC), according to Obama, were to be "demilitarized" and confined to police actions, supported by a conciliatory gesture towards the Muslim world".

The report indicates that more detail how the Obama's regime intends to act will be known from his next garbage document which should be released by late summer. His servant Brennan emphasized in his speech only that the new strategy envisaged the deepening of "cooperation" between American spy services and Muslim community in America.

The new strategy was announced in a situation in which, according to surveys, almost 60% of Americans approve the policy of the Obama's regime in its fight against a so-called "terrorism". Not a single Obama's issue has such a high rating amongst Americans today as murdering Muslims.

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