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English translation for Al-Furqan Media Release: Biographies of the Prominent Martyrs Issue 44: Abu Hassan al-San’ani

From the People of Yemen…

A calm Lion of resolute disposition…

A Zealous of pure creed who never wavered…

His name was Anwar Najib al-Sha’ri. He was in his mid-thirties when zeal for his Faith compelled him to enter Iraq with those who went there before the fall of Baghdad. But his sincere faith and sound character prevented him from staying there while there was no clear (Jihadist) banner. The words spoken by the Imam of the Mujahideen, peace and blessings be upon him, were true of (Abu Hassan): “He who fights under a blind banner, is killed in ignorance.”

He studied medicine as an assistant dentist, but his heart remained suspended in the Land of Jihad. He waited for an opportunity and monitored the news coming from there in case a banner appeared and the voice of the Mujahideen fi sabeel Allah was raised. After the fall of the Baath regime, he could not wait any longer. He returned to that country with his lips repeating the words: “I hastened to Thee, O my Lord, to please Thee.”

He arrived in Iraq between the battles of al-Falujah. As soon as he joined one of the combat teams, the second battle of al-Falujah erupted and he fell prisoner to the Crusaders. He spent more than two years in their detention facilities until he was settled in Badush prison in Mosul.

There Allah granted him freedom, for he was among those whose bonds were broken in the famous raid which ended the captivity of those men and liberated the lions held in Badush prison. Our friend emerged like the others prisoners with his zeal and determination redoubled from what they were before his captivity. He settled in the city of Samarra where he specialized in the field of Air-Support after graduating from a class in operating an anti-aircraft weapon. He was present with this weapon at all battles and raids, and became known among his peers for his audacity in the face of death. Whenever he heard the hue and cry he rushed to respond. He was present at the “Rabi’a bin ‘Amir Raid”, as well as the “al-Zubair” and “al-Mutwakkil Campaigns”.

He was then transferred to a mortar detachment and practiced that work, becoming proficient in it to a degree that caused amazement. This was illustrated by the times he would use his 120mm mortar without a base plate, which is a very difficult thing to do, because of the large barrel and strong recoil upon firing. During one incident, he fell on his face three times due to the force of the recoil, all the time saying: “O Allah, grant me a good ending by my mortar.”

Abu Hassan bore a morality and purity of heart that caused amazement. He was very tolerant of his brothers and never harbored in his heart rancor towards anyone. His honest nature was apparent on his face to all who saw him. He was solicitous towards his brothers in all things and was eager to serve them, even in the kitchen. He was always trying to get married and talked a lot about it, but Allah rewarded him with more than he had asked from this world.

He was greatly affected by the death of his friend and boon companion Abu Rawaha al-Madani. This world oppressed him and his desire to obtain martyrdom increased. He adopted this cause with his comrade Nasim, and said to him during one raid “I beseech Allah that we are slain together.” Our friend achieved what he wished, and obtained martyrdom fi sabeel Allah. We regard him as true to Allah and Allah was true to him. He was killed with Nasim while they were attacking a checkpoint on a raid launched on an odd night during the last 10 days of Ramadan 1428 Hijra. May Allah have abundant mercy on him and abide him and his brothers in Paradise.

Penned by

Abu Abdul Malik

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