lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Kazakh Mujahideen fight against warriors of local Democracy

Mujahideen carry out successful combat operations against the pro-Russian Nazarbaev's regime in Kazakhstan. Kazakh media outlets are now forced to report about that.

Recently, the Mujahideen carried out a successful operation against the Nazarbaev's regime in the village of Shubarshi, Temir district of Aktobe region of Kazakhstan. According to some reports, Nazarbaev's forces are suffering heavy casualties.
According to local residents, the Nazarbaev's warriors of Satan are now conducting a "special operation" in the village of Shubarshi (a few hundred kilometers from the regional center) after the elimination of two puppet policemen.

Late on June 30, two minions from the gang of "Temir police department", puppet sergeants Nurlan Alpysbai and Aidos Buranbayev "started their duty". After a while, the place of their deployment in a so-called "outpost" was atatcked by an armed group who arrived in a Mitsubishi Delica car and shot the policemen dead at point-blank.

Minions are now using their aircraft in search for the Mujahideen

According to preliminary information of the enemy, the armed group belongs to one of the units of Mujahideen and is well-armed.

On July 3, Nazarbayev's media outlets reported that the Mujahideen were still being "searched for" and that on July 2 a minion from Nazarbayev's "special forces" had been eliminated in combat action. The Nazarbayev's thug "government" always diminish its fatalities.

The Mujahideen suffered no casualties. The minions promise to pay $ 100,000 for information on whereabouts of the Mujahideen squad.

Recently, this region of Kazakhstan appeared several time in the news in connection with the warriors of Allah. It was reported that some local residents took the path of the Jihad in the Caucasus Emirate while the others carried out a sabotage operation outside the compound of Nazarbayev's secret police NSK.

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