martes, 5 de julio de 2011

The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Can It Be Called A Parliament Or A Hotbed Of Frauds?

Shaaban 01, 1432 A.H, Monday, July 04, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been reiterating its well-known stance for the past decade that elections, mediations, legislations and ratification of laws, consideration and deliberation on big issues of national level and decision-making thereof, has no legal standing in a time that the country is under American and other invaders’ occupation and is passing through their tyranny.

This is because all these efforts are launched under the pressure of the Americans and for realization of their interests, though they may apparently be carried out by the surrogate rulers of the Kabul Administration.

The Americans want to secure their colonialist interests under the shade of these efforts. The 2010 parliamentary elections which brought about the current amalgamation of derisions, fraudulence and travesty, is a good example of the manipulations by the vested interests, giving rise to the said outcome. Unquestionably, the parliamentary elections were greatly characterized by massive rigging, fraudulence, stuffing of the ballot boxes with farce votes. Thus they tried to throw dust into the eyes of the nation. As for the elections, they were not held in far-flung areas, provinces and districts except in centers of a few cities because these areas are under the control of the Mujahideen. Some polling stations may have remained open in a few spots but people’s turn-out was less than 5%.

The American puppets tried to stuff the ballot boxes with fake votes, announcing as winners those hopefuls that were palatable to the Americans. Predictably, the Americans were certain that these figures would supports all decisions that are pivotal to the American interests, particularly, they were expected to support the agreement of the American permanent bases and the strategic document which allow the Americans to station thousands of their soldiers in Afghanistan for an indefinite period and establish permanent bases. However, the Almighty Allah enabled the Mujahideen to overcome over the enemy of Islam and Afghanistan in the military field, forcing them to pull out their troops. Now their conspiracies which had been hatched behind the curtain, are unraveling one by one. Thus the drama of the fake elections is being exposed as their surrogates and the state apparatus level accusations against each other.

Of late, the special court disqualified the speaker and the administrative board of the parliament in addition to 25% members of the current parliament. This in no way means that the remaining members or the newly-elected members are free from the stigma of rigging and fraud or that they will not tango with the colonialist goals of the Americans.

We believe the current wrangling and bickering between the parliament and the Justice Department is a previously contemplated scheme by the Americans aimed at intentionally playing one group of their stooges against another. By doing so, they want to malign them and keep them under pressure in order to pave the way for realization of their real motive which is ensuring long-term presence in Afghanistan.

We beg the Almighty Allah to foil the conspiracy of the permanent occupation of Afghanistan by the Americans under the pretext of permanent basis and strategic compact in the way that He helped the empty-handed Mujahideen to defeat the Americans in the military field.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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