miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Statement of the Islamic Emirate Regarding the Baseless Rumors of Negotiation

It has become a routine in the past few years that, at the start and end of every month, some baseless and dubious news reports appear in some western media outlets, quoting unknown circles and shadowy western rulers that negotiations are underway with the Islamic Emirate. They say, we have put pressure on Taliban to come to talks. But when the Islamic Emirate categorically rejects these rumors and they are debunked and exposed, then another wave appear in media to confuse the minds, claiming that negotiation and contacts are in full swing with certain figures of the leadership ( of the Islamic Emirate). But when these same figures clarify their positions and refute ( the allegations), then the game of the nominal negotiation rear up with new names and forms after a lull and humiliation. Thus it is kept boiling.

Every wise man knows that there is no one in the ranks and leadership of the Islamic Emirate that would ever have doubts about the policy of the Islamic Emirate and would follow another distinctive stand of his own. The Islamic Emirate has had talks with some countries whose national are in the captivity of Mujahideen in order to reach an exchange of prisoners and determine the prisoner’s destiny. An example of such talks can be quoted, i.e. the successful negotiation of 21 Koreans in 2007 who were prisoners with the Islamic Emirate. Similarly, talks have taken place frequently about the French nationals who were prisoners with the Mujahideen. Their two prisoners have been released recently as a result of exchange when the other side agreed to accept conditions of the Islamic Emirate. Furthermore, direct and indirect contacts continue about Canadian and American prisoners who are in our captivity as well as about other nationals who have come to our country for occupation and were/are under our detention.

The rumor about negotiation with America is not more than the talks aimed at the exchange of prisoners. Some circles call these contacts as comprehensive talks about the current imbroglio of Afghanistan. However, this shows their unfair treatment of the issue and lack of knowledge about the reality. It may be, that some contacts who are in touch with us about the exchange of the prisoners, give these dialogue the name of official negotiation in order to grip some more privileges from the Americans. This is because the Americans are so weary in the war of Afghanistan and are facing defeat, that every one can pull fast on them while capitalizing on their precarious and miserable situation, particularly, many persons have already lined their own pockets in the name of starting negotiation. This game has been continuing for a quite a time now that even some warlords in the Kabul Administration present their gunmen in the form of Taliban to join the so- called Peace Process in order to obtain the cash.

The Islamic Emirate has a clear stance about the negotiation. It is clear as the broad day light that we consider negotiation in condition of presence of foreign forces as a war stratagem of the Americans and their futile efforts. This is because the Americans are still bent on continuing the strategy of coercion and arrogance. They are not ready to end the occupation which is the fundamental part of solution of the issue. On the one side, they are speaking of negotiation but on the other side, they have launched efforts to establish permanent bases in Afghanistan. Certainly, our country is considered occupied even if one foreign soldier remain on our soil. This can’t be acceptable and tolerable to any Afghan. If there are such wide contradictions in their posturing, then negotiation is not a rational option because it will not have tangible achievement.

Despite these realities and the clarity of the stance of the Islamic Emirate, if the issue of negotiation is still kept hot in the media, then, we think, the media is committing a grave mistake. The Islamic Emirate believes that the assertions by unknown and groundless circles and American rulers being released to media and published in the media without clarification are only a stigma on the face of some media outlets that ground their own ax. It has no other meaning.

We hope, the neutral media outlets will not publish those rumors and propaganda that are disseminated by intelligence networks and are directly prepared by the CIA for publication by some affiliated American media outlets and then are sent to world’s media.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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