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NATO ground operation reported to have started

Russian bloggersreport on August 24 about the start of the NATO ground operation against Libya:

Tripoli: ground operation begins, seevideo

As I write these words, Tripoli is attacked by up to five thousand mercenaries from European private military companies, Qatar and other countries. They come from the sea. Ground operation of NATO in Libya, contrary to all earlier assurances of politicians and the public, has begun.

It's already not a secret that the first wave of reports about rebels taking Tripoli with no effort was nothing but a global fantasy, staging, designed to distract the viewer from the far more cruel and terrible reality. Instead of the truimphant rebels' entry on the streets, basking in the city's jubilant freedom - urgent landing of Al-Qaeda Mujahideen and PMC troops. Instead of citizens hailing their "liberators" - a mass slaughter performed by mercenaries from France and Qatar. Instead of the capture of a man resembling Saif al-Islam - an attempt to eliminate Qaddafi family, that failed miserably though. The destruction of communications and blockade of Libyan television did not prevent Saif and Moussa Ibrahim from being interviewed, leaving the media machine in disarray for some time.

The media drew conclusions. The second wave was more sophisticated: Qatari footage was generously diluted with real videos of Islamists seizing Bab al-Aziz. Here it is useful to recall that the complex was deserted long ago because of continuous bombings, so making the hole in the fence and occupating ruins is not a big victory. But a PR! What a psychological pressure! The tyrant is on the run, his symbols are desecrated!

And under this cover, you can freely make a second attempt and disembark French troops on the coast next to Tripoli on 24th of August. According to some reports, this is the Foreign Legion.

"Once in a man's life there is a moment where he should prove that has values" - writes LibyanLiberal in his Twitter, the one who first reported about the French assault. - "TO THE FRONT. MY NEXT TWEET WILL BE AFTER VICTORY. IF MARTYRDOM PRAY FOR MY SOUL".

A few hours later calls witnesses confirm that the attack was resumed. French hospital ship that was seen in an Algerian port on Monday seemingly didn't come there in vain. Helicopters are received 3-4 times a day. Information about the city is now controversial, but if we remember that the first group of mercenaries literally hacked through the crowd (Moussa Ibrahim announced a huge number of dead and wounded) - the blood, most likely, once again will flow like a river.

Well, the Libyans knew it would happen. They armed themselves at the beginning of the war, they waited, they promised to show hell to invades as soon as they descends to the ground. We wish them good luck. As Libyans say themselves, Allah, Muammar, Libya - and nothing more!

Other Russian bloggers report that according to unconfirmed information, the landed troops belong the 2nd Marines' Regiment 2-REP of the French Foreign Legion and consist of about 1,000 mercenaries from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Still other bloggers report the area of the Russian embassy in Tripoli is controlled by the al Qaeda Mujahideen.

It is also reported on the blogs that the first landing of foreign troops in Libya occurred on August 21:

"All the carnage was distant until night fell then the sea boiled over with small fast boats that dumped 10 or more Special Forces at hundreds of points along the beach in and around Tripoli. The slaughter began at that moment. The distraction of the small gangs inside the city proved successful and allowed the unfettered invasion from the sea. Killing hundreds of thousands of Libyans in the next few days may be the result of this full fledged attack of a sovereign nation by NATO.

1300 innocent civilians killed in Tripoli in the last 11 hours + 5000 injured. Nonstop bombings and 3 Apache gunship firing their mini-cannons constantly are the real killers. The gangs are burning houses, looting shops and kidnapping every woman in sight. Any prominent supporter of Ghadafi was targeted and their houses attacked first. The number of gangs have been increasing because they are coming in from the sea in small NATO craft directed by the Special Forces of all the aggressor nations".

Meanwhile, Sandra Rasic reports on August 23:

Spread urgent and important in all pages:

NATO will be targeting residential compounds in Misurata rocket and then trying to stick the charge in the armed forces by accusing people of using Scuds.

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