lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

The spurting financial storm over the US and the Afghanistan war

Sunday, 14 August 2011 13:53

With no doubt, the immense and basic reason of the financial crises, deprivation and riots that United States and UK are facing now, is because of the offensive and imperialistic policies and designs of these countries. They are proceeding the baseless and unjustified war by the expenses of their own people’s taxes and they have turned their faces from the problems of their masses. Pol Magno an official of the international centre for peace in Washington has told media outlets that the financial dilemma that American people are facing with, the most important and just reason is the use of improper spending of billions of dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yeman and Libya by American officials. He added that so far, one Trillion dollar has been spent by US in Iraq and Afghanistan war that was the taxes and dues of American people. But yet today the American people have not seen any positive conclusion of their paid taxes although they found that the result is contradictory and opposite in front of them.

According to other reports the President of World Bank Robert Zolek says that international economy is passing through tough time and problems and it is possible that developed countries may face serious financial crises. He says we are facing a new financial storm which has huge differences with 2008 financial crisis, it is very fatal and complex and we have no chance to spoil the time and implement new preparations in this regard.

Similarly, the Pentagon is tangle with severe panic. The chief commander of American army admiral Mike Molen says if the American government did not reached to a settlement with Congress and did not get debt so it is possible that American troops that are stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq would not receive their salaries. Molen said while talking to American troops that if their salaries postpone so it will have very serious consequences.

Obviously, America who proclaimed her political and military dominance along with her imperialistic supremacy called every opening war as for the sake of the protection of imperialism in the world, the financial crises has caused to her the fate and fortune that every kind of modifications are inconsequential now. And at least if they did not get fresh debts so they have not enough amount in their treasury and approved budget to just pay salaries to their soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

In view of this toppled and overturned economic situation of America, we call on American and Western people, to question from their deceitful bureaucrats that had spent your (one trillion) taxes and returns in Afghanistan and Iraq’s wars which outcome is evident and clear to you that sophisticated helicopters and equipped army has lost their defensive capabilities and sanctuary. Consecutively, Chinook helicopters were shoot-down like ailing black crow as a result of offensive Taliban attacks every day, and recently 31 commandos were killed in a single day.

We believe that the financial storm and crisis which encompasses the American people, the only way out is that to change your offensive policies and to end Afghanistan war and to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible and to pay respect for the national freedom of Afghans.

If American government and people did not review their offensive and imperialistic policies right away, it is possible that the hanging financial crisis will pave the way for national uprising and will be divided in parts. The American people that were contented to the unity of America so far were because of the huge economic potential and for the political supremacy of America in international politics. But now the blowing financial storm over America shows that it will eliminate every thing from its roots and will push you to the hollow of destruction like Soviet Union.

NOTE: This material is from web pages and forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban, Taliban spokespersons . Posting of this material it is shared for information only

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