miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

War In Syria: Why The West Is Losing (April 2013)

A Recipe For Genocide Chapter 3: Terrorists And Takfiris (2013)

Many westerners believe that the Arab Spring happened because western governments have told them these 3 countries,(Syria, Egypt and Libya), want their rights. However sometimes even seeing is not believing. On tonight's chapter of 'Genocide' we go  through the minimum 10 year buildup to the 'peaceful protests'. You won't find any sound bites here, no one liners, no fake controversy. Yes, you'll only see people and hear the words straight from their mouth as western governments from North America to the United Kingdom announce they will take the middle east by force if necessary.

"A Recipe For Genocide Chapter 3 - Terrorists And Takfiris"
Yes friendly TVU Viewers, it's a little late. But you know what they say.....
you can't squeeze rocks from lemon juice


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