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Afganistán: Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the 12th year of the American invasion

On 7th of October 2001, the detested President of America, George W. Bush, trampled on all human and Islamic standards, began the invasion of Afghanistan and declared an open Crusade.

Bush, who had completely lost his senses and could not fathom anything except savagery and depravity, demanded the entire world support this odious war by either sending their armies or by providing financial and logistical support. That is when 49 nations including NATO, without having a legitimate warrant while failing to reject Bush’s stubborn terrorism and accepting the sound reasoning of the oppressed Afghans, unfortunately sided with Bush and practically invaded our beloved homeland in the form of an anti-Islamic coalition.

America and its coalition armies violated all Islamic and human norms and began the systematic torture, detention and killing of every Afghan who stood firm on his Islamic fervor and Afghan pride.

The barbaric Americans tortured thousands of Afghans in the prisons of Guantanamo, Bagram, Kandahar as well as in the internal and foreign secret and open prisons, thousands of other defenseless Afghans were martyred, massive bombs were dropped on their mud built compounds and even banned as well as poisonous weapons were used throughout the country.

But no international humanitarian organization or self proclaimed defenders of Human Rights pointed a finger towards these American and NATO brutalities in a proper manner and neither did the Security Council ever call a meeting with the intention of condemning the actions of these ruthless American and NATO armies or placing a blame on them!!?

America used every war stratagem through their well-known Generals to win the war in Afghanistan and used 850 billion dollars on its war machine however Allah Almighty defeated and humiliated them despite all these war maneuvers. They failed to make any progress in the war front and according to their own tally; thousands of their soldiers have died in this war, most of which are American.

The Mujahideen not only aborted and scraped every war technique and tactic of America, NATO and their stooges but established their own writ in the vast swaths of Afghanistan, limited and confined the foreign and internal enemy to their bases and government buildings and forced the arrogant enemy to accept the existence and presence of the Islamic Emirate in the political field while openly declaring that they are quitting Afghanistan and want to bring the conflict in Afghanistan to an end through talks.

Bush’s abominable war and repulsive democracy!! proved that they entered Afghanistan with over a hundred thousand troops only to bridge a gap between the Afghans and their religious and national traditions, endanger national unity and the existence of a unified Afghanistan, afflict Afghans with the hardships of poverty and destitution and finally to turn Afghanistan into the oven of fire and gunpowder!!

If America had not implemented these anti-Afghan programs and projects, then let it show what major development projects it has completed except the building of a few kilometers of low quality asphalt roads, most of which are built with the help of other countries? What positive economic changes have they brought into the livelihood of ordinary Afghans not counting those of a few of their own stooges?

On the other hand for the first time in the history of Afghanistan, the current regime in Kabul won first place in corruption, fraud, insufficiency, embezzlement, terror and savagery the foundations of which are laid by America and which is also an important achievement of the American invasion and Bush’s repugnant war.

What is even more fascinating is that after 13 years, the stooge president of the Kabul regime is only now asking America to endeavor wholeheartedly in the redevelopment and economic improvement of Afghanistan and that only at the price of signing the Strategic Partnership Agreement!!

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns the attack and invasion of America, NATO and other tyrannical regimes on October the 7th and considers it a black day like that of the Russian aggression on the 6th of Jaddi . We are immensely thankful to Allah Almighty for the victory which is at hand of the Afghan Mujahid nation and also for the approaching days of the uprooting and abscondence of armies of Bush and its international Taghut from our beloved motherland. May the Merciful Lord Allah Almighty accept all the sacrifices of the Afghans as well as every sacrifice of the Mujahideen their martyrdom in His Supreme Court and may He bring an end to the hardships of the Afghans with the blessing of their blood so they can have glorious Islamic government and breathe serenely.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


16/07/1392 07/10/2013
Obama’s admin, in the wave of the wrath of the oppressed people!

The differences between the American government and the Congress arose when they could not reach an agreement about the approval of the budget of reforms bill in loan procedure and health care desired by Obama just in the start of October 2013 which is also the beginning of American fiscal year.

A part of expenditure of these health care reforms will be received from the well-off Americans according to Obama’s plan and the Republicans just opposed these reforms as most of the wealthy Americans belong to their group.

And some of the government institutions are paralyzed inside Washington D.C. for a whole week e.g. national museums, the statue of liberty and national parks which has badly affected the tourists while the city of Washington mostly depends on these people who enter the city and do shopping there. According to estimation, the city of Washington is facing a loss of 200 million dollars due to the taxes over the revenues of hotels and restaurants and approximately one million people have been sent home without salaries. It is unknown how long this stalemate will continue but for the past 17 years, this is the first time that the government offices are closed and the workers are sent on leave devoid of salaries. In 1996, during the Clinton era, this kind of situation had taken place for one month.

It is undoubted that someone who creates troubles for others and plays with their destinies, take undue advantage from the weakness and failings of oppressed nations for ones vested interests, will be trapped, eventually, in numerous convolutions as it is said that ‘Who he digs pit for others, shall fall himself into it’ or ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.

The American people should realize that their politicians play with their destinies as well as the destinies of other oppressed nations for the sake of their personal vested interests. The selfish and empty minded American leaders, on one side, squeeze the blood of their own people; snatch their income, earned with great difficulty, in the name of taxes and various other excuses and then, on the other side, lavishly spent the same money in shedding the blood of the innocent and oppressed people and creating problems for them. And the examples are what the dull minded American politicians did inside Iraq and are doing today inside Afghanistan.

The American leadership should immediately abandon playing with the fate of the oppressed people for the sake of their personal interests. Instead of sucking the blood of their own people and snatching the money earned with the sweat of their forehead and then spend it on killing, torturing and irritating the oppressed people, especially the Afghans; this money should be utilized for the sake of peace and harmony of their own masses as well as for the tranquility of other peoples. There is no doubt that they (the Americans) always look for their prosperity in others disasters, the day is not far off, as it is said, that the tyrants will be turned into smoke one day in the warmth of the bereaved sigh of the oppressed nations.

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