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Declaración del Emirato Islámico en relación con el reciente informe de víctimas civiles en Afagnistán

El Emirato Islámico de Afganistán expresa su incredulidad y pesar por éste informe de la UNAMA, consideran que no es neutral ya que desempeña un papel importante como una organización de propaganda para el imperialismo norteamericano y trata de encubrir los delitos flagrantes del Pentágono...

Este el el texto sin modificaciones emitido por alemarah (web oficial del E.I de Afagnistán, La Voz de la Jihad, con el único fin de mejorar la información y nada más.

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the recent civilian casualties report by UNAMA

Thursday, 12 August 2010 02:31 administrator

The UNAMA, in its 2010 mid-year report on civilian casualties, released the civilian casualties’ statistics over the first six months of 2010 in Kabul city on Monday, August 10.

Observing the statistics issued by UNAMA, it appears crystal clear that the report is based on political expedience, exaggeration and propaganda instead of surfacing the facts.

The essence of the report is similar to that of Pentagon decision, saying “A large scale propaganda

campaign, pinning the civilian casualties on Taliban, has to be held and beefed up in order to create and exacerbate rifts within Afghan masses ending up in a clash between civilian and Taliban.”

Yet another flaw in the report is that it denies all the prior surveys, statistics and analysis, which are roughly close to the reality, issued by several different human rights organizations of the world.

The report holds Taliban responsible of 76 per cent of all civilian casualties, and attributes 12 percent of all civilian casualties to Pro-Government forces, adding that ISAF has caused the deaths of 69 civilians during the first six months of 2010.

To put every thing else behind, the surveys, analysis, statistics and sort of things, in order to throw light on the issue, merely the death toll of the victims of the US aerial attacks in only few districts of the country’s such as Arghandab, Zhari, Shiraz, Sorkh Rowd, and the massacre of Sungin is likely to hit more than 300 during the first six month of 2010.

Every observer would easily determine the truth of such reports as this and assess how authentic and spurious such reports may be.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan expresses its utter disbelief and regret over the UNAMA report and over the fact that the UN with all the neutrally slogans, plays a major role of a propaganda organization for the American imperialism and keeps covering up the blatant crimes of the Pentagon which is similar to betrayal by UN against the bloodshed and the massacre of the Afghan nation.

Wonder why it can be so hard for the UN to find out the ground realties that any attempt to deviate the minds of the common people may be in vain, for it is the masses that know the facts and about the civilian casualties far better than any one else does.

If, Georgette Gagnon, director of Human Rights for UNAMA and Staffan de Mistura, special representative of Secretary-General, really intend to carry out their duties well as delegates of the United Nations in Afghanistan, they should admit the realities and prefer their conscientious responsibilities to US-imposed directives.

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