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Islamic Emirate of Abyan. Fightings go on. AQAP forms army of 12,000 Mujahideen

Judging by the highly controversial reports from the Islamic Emirate of Abyan in former southern regions of Yemen, fierce fightings go on the Islamic new country.

Western sources with reference to military representatives of the illegal American-backed Saleh's regime claime that "unmanned US Predator or Reaper strike aircraft martyred 15 fighters of al Qaeda Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula yesterday in an attack on a village outside the Mujahideen-liberated town of Zinjibar in former southern Yemen".

It is worth reminding that Western crusader terrorists call "terrorists" the Mujahidden to confuse the readers.

The Predators, or "drones" as they are more commonly called, struck twice near Zinjibar, the capital of the IE Abyan after coordinating their terrorist attack with the Yemeni puppet terrorist government, a Yemeni stooge military official told The Yemen Post. Yemen's apostate "interior ministry" denied that the strikes had been carried out by beastly Obama's regime aircraft.

The strikes took place in the village of Al Khamila, about six miles from Zinjibar, according to a report by Reuters yesterday that stated the attack had been carried out by the puppet Yemeni air force.

The target of the strike is unclear, and no senior AQAP leaders or operatives were reported martyred.

Meanwhile, the Saleh's "interior minister" rejected allegations of the involvement of Obama's regime drones in a raid on the village, saying that this terrorist attack had been carried out by puppet aircraft.

Until now, no accurate data is available on who actually martyred in the raid - the Mujahideen or civilians.

Puppet air forces raided al Qaeda positins on Sunday evening in the Islamic Emirate of Abyan, martyring at least 10 Mujahideen and injuring 20 others, stooge local army officers claimed to Xinhua.

Three air raids targeted several positions and groups of the Mujahideen, stationed along the surrounding areas of the al Qaeda-liberated Zinjibar city, the capital of the IA Abyan, martyring 10 and injuring 20 freedom fighters, a stooge officer said on condition of anonymity.

"The air raids hit several al Qaeda targets along the way linking the al-Wahda Sport Stadium and Zinjibar, causing huge casualties and damages to the terrorist group fortifications", the Saleh's terrorist claimed.

"Al Qaeda militants were fighting back against the 25th mechanized brigade", he added.

"A number of terrorists were seized by the army troops and large amounts of their ammunition and weapons were also confiscated," another Saleh's terrorist officer said.

Meanwhile, five leading members of the al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula were allegedly captured by tribesmen fighters in Loder district, a local tribal chief claimed to Xinhua.

"Five al Qaeda militants were captured by tribesmen fighters while they were trying to break into Loder district and we handed them over to the army troops stationed in the region," a tribal source claimed.

A local medic at the Basuhib military hospital in Aden told Xinhua that seven Obama's slave soldiers were receiving treatment at the hospital after they were injured in fierce clashes erupted late Sunday between the puppet army forces backed by armed tribesmen and the al Qaeda fighters in the al-Hassan Valley.

Abyan, some 480 km south of the puppet-occupied Yemeni capital Sana'a, has become almost under control of resurgent al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula since the fighters seized the capital of the IE Abyan, Zinjibar, late in May.

If the command of the American slavish Saleh's regime is to be believed, then many Mujahideen, lots of weapons and ammunition have been captured or seized. It also reported that a unit of a local clan in Loder in the IEA captured 5 AQAP Mujahideen and handed them to terrorist Obama's slave soldiers.

Xinhua reported that Yemeni stooge army troops martyred three al Qaeda fighters and injured seven others on Tuesday in continuing battles against the freedom fighters in southern flashpoint of the IEA, medics and stooge military officials said.

A doctor at Razi hospital in Abyan's town of Jaar told Xinhua that the hospital received Tuesday three bodies belonging to al Qaeda fighters, and seven other Mujahideen were injured and hospitalized. They came from the front line in Khamila area in western al Qaeda-liberated Zinjibar, where the Obama's slaves from the 119th military brigade are waging fierce battles against the Mujahideen, according to stooge military officials.

Meanwhile, a puppet military official from the 25th mechanized brigade told Xinhua that three apostate soldiers had been wounded on Tuesday during on-going battles against al Qaeda fighters on the battlefield in eastern Zinjibar.

Meanwhile, as many as six Yemeni apostate soldiers, including an officer, were taken hostage on Tuesday by an unknown rebel militia in Yemen's southern restive province of Lahj, a puppet military official said.

"Unknown rebel militia launched an attack on a military checkpoint in Habilain area on Tuesday and captured five soldiers and an officer," the apostate official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

He said the militia's demands were still unknown as they moved the hostages to unidentified location.

Yemen's southern provinces have witnessed growing activities of anti-Democratic armed liberation groups, including al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, since the eruption of mass protests in February which called for the ouster of an apostate "president" Ali Abdullah Saleh.

It is important to mention that, according to various sources, including American spy reports, units of the Mujahideen of Al-Qaeda control territories in several provinces in southern Yemen: Abyan, Shabwa, Hadramawt, Marib, and Lahj.

AQAP has under its full control a large town of Azzan in the province of Shabwa.

The illegal Saleh's apostate government is deeply worried by the fact that the Mujahideen could capture the largest port in the country - Aden.

Obama's regime terrorist officials report that the command of AQAP intends to create a full-scale regular army consisting of 12,000 Mujahideen.

Information about these plans of al-Qaeda is being referred to the famous Emirs of the AQAP Mujahideen, Qasim al Raymi and Mohammed Said al Umdah Gharib al T'aizzi.

According to a report from Obama's slaves, up to 2,000 Mujahideen of AQAP are stationed in Zinjibar alone.

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