martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Documents reveal “Saudi Jihad” against Syria satellite broadcasting

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Arab media means have published leaked documents from the Saudi Chiefs of Staff that reveal attempts by Saudi authorities to disrupt the Syrian satellite broadcasting and replace it by fake channels in order to achieve the interests of Saudi policy, which is hostile to Syria.

Arabi Press website has published the documents which it obtained, where one of the documents showed the request of the Saudi Chief of Staff, Hussein bin Abdullah al-Qabil to the Minister of Communications «to use satellite frequencies via Arabsat to confuse the broadcast of Syrian channels », which al-Qabil described them as “hostile”.

According to the website, the document also included al-Qabil queries on the possibility of launching (forged) channels that are similar to the Syrian channels to serve the purposes of Saudi Arabia and for jamming on the Syrian satellite broadcasting, the document reads.

The other document is directed from the Maritime General Ibrahim bin Suleiman al-Maiman to the General Manager of Saudi Arabia Communication Company and provides the request of the Saudi Chiefs of Staff of nominating 15 specialists in the field of communication to be trained on the use of transmitters and satellite jamming, and it will be concluded to be delivered to «Mujahideen» in Syria, according to the document. The Mujahideen will be trained to use it when needed.

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