lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

Jihadists Executed a Child for Using the Prophet’s Name in Vain

The members of an Islamic FSA-OTAN-EEUU-Israel:

The members of an Islamic FSA battalion executed a 15 years old boy for using the prophet’s name in vain, while cannibals walk freely and respected among FSA’s ranks.

The Jihadists who spoke formal Arabic arrested 15 years old Mohamad Qataa last night in AlShaar – Aleppo

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Picture shared on social media sites of the murdered child Mohamad Qataa

Mohamad used to sell coffee in Sad Al-Louz area in AlShaar district. The boy had a fight with a man and he told him “Even if Prophet Mohamad descends, I won’t give you a loan.” The group accused the boy with blasphemy and they took him away on 10 pm last night.

Later they broughtMohamad back, his shirt raised over his head and his body had visible signs of flagging. When people gathered, a member of the battalion announced in a loud voice “Esteemed people of Aleppo, using God’s or the prophet’s names in vain or abusing them is blasphemy and any who does will be punished like this” and the “rebel” shot he boy with a gun in front of his mother and father, one shot to the head and another shot on the neck. Then the Jihadists drove away in their car.

There is a security center for the FSA’s Sharia Committee in the area; the committee didn’t act to stop the murder.

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