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World famous Sh Nabeel Alawadi: Syria is a sign of a coming great change

Sheikh Nabeel Alawadi is a world famous sheikh who regularly appears on TV in the Arab world. In this moving talk, he describes how Syria's struggle is beyond description and how it is a sign for us that something GREAT is coming in syria after the revolution (insha Allah) succeeds.


“What we have to do with Syria?! "He who does not concern himself with the affairs of the Muslims is not one them." (Hadith of the Rassoul (saws)). Because we are Muslims Alhamdulillah. Because we have Iman in Allah the almighty. (00:17) Because we know that our Quran is one, and our lord is one, and our Shariah is one, no borders or dams separate us, and no nationalities and no colonialism that has separated us.

Nevertheless all that will go to the dustbins of history and this ummah will return as one Ummah as per the promise of prophet of Allah.

Why Syria? Syria because the prophet (saws) has outlined its preference, have you not heard of the ahadith of the end of times, “There will be armies in Iraq, and armies in Al-Sham, and soldiers in Yemen”, so the prophet was asked, “Which army do I join?”, He said: “Go for Al-Sham, go for Al-Sham, for the angels spread their wings over it”… All these blessings to that land.

It is Al-Sham, to which the Prophet (saws) said about it: “Indeed the Iman, if the tribulations (fitna) are widespread, is in Al-Sham”, “Indeed the Iman, if the tribulations (fitna) are widespread, is in Al-Sham”

The Sham, which we used to look at as a normal country, its state being that of the rest of the countries of the Muslims.

Today look at the revolution that exists there. Allah is preparing it for something else, look at their slogans! We have no one but you Allah, we have not one but you. All the countries renounced them, all nations left them, all the politicians of the world dismissed them and turned their backs to it (the revolution). So they knew that there is no victor to them except Allah, and hence their slogan: Allah is sufficient for us and he is the best of supporters. And their state will change to that which is khayr given by Allah.

Allah the almighty wants the good for this ummah, and in the delaying of the victory I see that as khayr (good); something good for this ummah, for we do not know what Allah is preparing this nation for. Every drop of blood that this blessed land has given, is indeed a life for this land. “And do not think that those who died for the cause of Allah are dead, no they are Alive, finding sustenance in the presence of their Lord (3:169)”

Why are you now rising up for Al-Sham? My brothers let me tell you one thing that I said on TV for the first time yesterday. Brothers, without any discrimination, racism or bias. The revolutions of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, are blessed revolutions, but they are on one hand/page, and what is happening in Syria is on another hand/page all together and a new era in this Ummah.

Yes! What happened in those countries is a stage of this ummah, correct. But what is happening today in Syria is a different matter. Firstly, it is a battle of existence for this ummah, either we exist or cease to exist, and with the permission of Allah we will be continue to be an existant Ummah.

Secondly - the aftermath of Syria and I remind you of these words of mine - something big will change in this ummah, in the aftermath of the victory in Syria and the revival of this ummah once again in Syria. With the ummah returning to victory in Syria, a major change will occur, especially in our region here; the balance of powers will change, and whole superpowers with their evil will be finished for once and all, and a huge project that wants evil for this ummah will be eradicated by the permission of Allah. This is for the people that will come and say “Why Syria?” not comprehending that Syria will change the history of the Ummah by Allah’s permission.

Source http://nahdaproductions.org/

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has admitted that Al-Qaeda and other groups on the State Department’s terror list are on the same side as the United States in Syria and that they are aiding opposition rebels.

Clinton’s admission that Al-Qaeda is supporting the armed insurrection in Syria dovetails with reports that the same Al-Qaeda terrorists who helped overthrow Colonel Gaddafi in Libya were airlifted into Syria by NATO forces.

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri’s has also publicly expressed support for Syrian rebel forces.

These terrorists have been blamed for bloody attacks that have killed both Syrian regime officials and innocent civilians, including a bombing earlier this month in Syria’s second city of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus.

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